Answers to our most frequently asked questions. If you have a question that I have not answered, don't hesitate to email me! 


1. Can you put my name on any of the tumblers?

Yes. All of our tumblers, no matter designs, can be personalized at no additional charge. While placing your order, use the instructions to seller box and put in the name and or saying you are requesting. Please make sure to spell-check as will not be held responsible for spelling errors unless they are clearly my error. I don't have time to email everyone back and ask if the name spelling is correct, so please, please spell-check. :) 

2. Will the designs peel or rub off over time?

No. Our tumblers are sealed by a layer of epoxy to protect and amp up the beauty of the designs. Once cured, the design underneath cannot be removed or altered. Please follow the cleaning instructions included in your order to ensure the lifetime of your tumbler. 

3. Is the epoxy toxic?

No. We use an epoxy that once cured, is FDA compliant for use with food and beverages. Not all epoxy's are created equal and we have conducted hours and hours of research to ensure that we are providing our clients with a high quality product that is safe to use. 

4. Why don't you use the more widely known name brand tumblers? 

The simple answer is cost. If we were to use certain brands, our prices per tumbler would be easily doubled and therefore would be less affordable for not only us to manufacture, but also for our clients to purchase. With that being said, I have no issue with the other brands and if you own one and would like us to personalize it for you, we will. 

5. Aren't the other brands a better quality tumbler? 

Not necessarily. The fact is that the tumblers we use have the same tolerances as the higher priced name brands. They are all double walled, vacuum sealed, stainless steel. They keep your drinks cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours. 

6. Do you take bulk orders? 

Yes, however, we do have certain specifications as to what is considered a BULK order. For orders of 5 or more of the exact same tumbler, we will offer a 10% discount. As an example, a future bride has a bridal party of 6 and wants wine tumblers to gift to her bridesmaids. She wants all 6 tumblers to be teal but would like each tumbler to be personalized.That is a bulk order. If the bride wanted each tumbler in a different color and a different design all together, that is NOT a bulk order. 

7. Do you accept returns/can I exchange my tumbler for a different design?

The short answer is no. Each tumbler is made to order and many are customized so we are unable to accept returns. IF there is an issue with your order though, please email me immediately. With that being said, I will always send pics of the design for your final approval prior to sealing the tumbler. During the creation process, we will keep in touch and that is your opportunity to tell me if you don't like the way something looks. 

8. Are the tumblers dishwasher or microwave safe?

No. The tumblers are stainless steel and are not safe for a microwave. They are also vacuumed sealed and by soaking for long periods of time, or putting in the dishwasher, the seal can be broken and your tumbler will not hold it's temperature like it is meant to. The tumblers are designed to be hand washed only. 

9. How long until my tumbler is shipped? 

Our current turnaround time for tumblers is 1-2 weeks. This time frame is not a guaranteed though and will fluctuate based on our level of business. **Please see our Facebook pages for up to date times** Once your tumbler is complete and fully cured, we will ship it and notify you with a tracking number. We use 2-3 priority mail but please understand that once the box is in the hands of USPS, we have no control over actual delivery times. Please keep in mind our busy seasons as our turnaround time will most definitely increase. If you are in need of something sooner than what our time is sitting at, please email me and see if there is the ability to create a rush order. Rush orders will come with an additional $25 charge and because I cannot rush everyone's order, it's best to check in and see if it's even possible before paying the extra $. 

10. My question was not answered. Where can I get more info? 

Email me! :) I do my best to answer emails within 24 hours of receipt.